Nickel Scramble

Starting at 6:30 p.m. Both Friday night and Saturday night before the PRCA performance, this event will be an exciting one for children of all ages!!!! K BAR R Ranch & Arena has 2 large sand piles in the area of the spectator seating on the east side of the pavilion. There will be nickels hidden in the sand, and just like panning for gold in the West, what the kids find they keep! If someone finds a colored nickel, take it to the concession stand for a FREE candy bar OR bag of popcorn.

Stick Rodeo

The Stick Rodeo consists of three FREE, captivating events for boys and girls ages 5-10. Contestants must pre-register to participate. K BAR R Ranch & Arena will pick participants randomly and provide the stick horses and bulls. A parent or guardian must be present during the Stick Rodeo. Download the Stick Rodeo entry form


Stick Rodeo Events:

  • Steer Roping: Ride your stick horse to the steer named “Slippery”, build a loop with the rope and toss it around his horns. Catch one or both horns to qualify in this event. Don’t forget, this is a timed event, so scurry along!
  • Barrel Racing: Hop in the saddle and run your pony through the cloverleaf barrel pattern just like the Cowgirls do! Fastest time wins.
  • Bull Riding: Are you ready for some action? Hang on tight for 8 seconds as you maneuver your bull with high energy jumping, kicking and spinning moves! Fall down or bounce off your bull and you have been bucked off. Pick up your hat, dust off your jeans and wave to the crowd, you’ll be applauded for your try!